Apropos of nothing

autleaf.jpgI was up in London on Monday for a meeting of the ‘Confirmation Forum!’ In an in-efficient piece of non pre-planning, my bike was still in Oxford, doh! So this meant a couple of miles walk to the station, a couple of miles or more from Paddington to the back of Westminster and later the reverse thereof. Pleasingly though it was a fabulous archetypal ‘mists-and-mellow-fruitfulness’ Autumnal day, thus the stroll through Hyde Park and St James park was an absolute pleasure. Adding to the entertainment while strolling I was attempting to catch the falling leaves and arrived at the meeting bearing two of my trophies (one the results of a magnificent left handed diving snatch). The receptionist at Church house looked at the leaves and asked me if I wanted a bin?
“No, not necessary” I replied.
To which the question came, “So ….. you are collecting leaves then?”
“er, yes .. kind of!” I had to reply feeling perhaps a tad silly but hey ho!
Anyway this sparked some conversation going before our meeting kicked off and one of the group present revealed how when she’d been in Africa her mum had sent her a parcel containing nothing but leaves to remind her of home. As the parcel had to be opened in the Post-Office (a legal requirement) she was left trying to explain (with difficulty) that it was just a pack of Autumn leaves and that they held no medicinal or narcotic potential!
Good story I thought!