3 Replies to “Talking of Christian Music”

  1. Suddenly I was gasping for breath, trying to dig out from the sweat-soaked covers that had somehow twisted around my upper body as I tossed and turned as if in some kind of eerie nightmare.
    “…everybody knows my name, everybody knows my fame…” What? Did I hear that right?
    Then I knew. Ah yes, I’d been here before. This wasn’t the first time I’d “heard” something in my sleep. Though this particular time I was quite surprised at how vivid the words sounded. And, yes, that melody was as clear as can be. I repeated it mentally a few times to myself to make sure it I was remembering it correctly. For some unexplainable reason I knew this one should not be let go of.
    Why I didn’t just get up and jot down some notes on paper is beyond me. Surely after many times of totally forgetting the “best song I’ve ever heard” in my dream, by now I would keep some paper and pen by my bedside. But no, I’d never gone to the trouble to do that.
    So I mentally “sang” the tune to myself a few more times, determined to lock it into my memory until morning, and rolled back over to return to my hate-to-get-woke-up slumber.
    The 5 am alarm signaling yet another charming stint at my day job was as rude as ever. As soon as I groggily came to consciousness I remembered the strange dream. And yes, I still remembered the words and tune! Woohoo!
    So after a long shower, and tea and breakfast with my wife, I casually strolled into our office and got on the computer. In no time I had jotted down enough of my shorthand notation to be able to remember it later and hopefully finish the whole song. All is good, or so I assumed. My shorthand had never failed to replay a song for me, even months later.
    There were two things I was certain of. I HAD to finish this song. And in my dream it sounded as if a woman was singing it. Now the challenge was to figure out just what this song was supposed to mean, and how it was supposed to sound. And who do I get to sing it…?

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