Invite to a consultation 24th September

Dear All,
Yvonne (Childrens officer) and I are seeking some willing volunteers to join us for a discussion that will be fed into the national review of Children and Youth Strategies for the Church of England. If you are a volunteer or an employed worker, lay or clergy then we’d love to hear from you!
The event will take place at St Matthew’s Church in Oxford on WEDNESDAY 24th SEPTEMBER from 10.30am – 12.30 followed by lunch (provided).
It’s really important for us to get involved with this to help inform national thinking about how the church does and doesn’t engage with children and young people – and to do this we need your help!
We’ll spend some time sharing stories and thinking about the five marks of mission set out in ‘Mission-Shaped Church’ and the challenge to be a people of mission rather than people who do mission. We want to consider how the Church’s engagement with children and young people might look in the light of this. (N.B. You do not need to read ‘Mission-Shaped Church’ beforehand!!! We’ll take you through the 5 marks of mission in an easy kind of way on day, gathering feedback as we go).
Travel expenses will be covered and lunch will be provided (I think I already said that but it seems a good selling point).
For those who might be TOMTOM* assisted St Matthew’s Church address is Marlborough Rd, Oxford, OX1 4LW.
Parking options as follows; Redbridge Park and Ride, Hinksey Park Car Park, local road parking in Whitehouse Rd is restricted to two hours for non-residents.
A map can be found here
Apologies for the really short notice and praying that some folks have space available on Wednesday mornings… Let me know if you are keen and able to make it plus any dietary requirements and all that.
* Other brands of Sat Nav are available