Frontier Youth Trust calls for urgent investment in young people.

Nine months of research into the future of Christian Youth Work in England
has culminated in a urgent appeal to Government Ministers to take youth work more seriously and to Denominational heads to motive their Churches to action.
FYT is calling for Churches and Christian organisations to commit 25% of their income on working with young people, particularly marginalised young people, in order to take the needs of those outside of the church more seriously.
‘With the media tending to demonise young people with such negative reporting , many of the general public are afraid to be in conversation with them. Christians need to sloth off their fears and engage with a generation that will soon give up entirely on the church if we are not careful,’ says Dave Wiles, Chief Executive of FYT.
Working in partnership with ‘2009: Year of The Child ‘, Frontier Youth Trust is currently developing a FREE resource to assist Churches in celebrating young people in their communities and empowering them to reach their potential. Entitled, Young People’s Sunday, the resource will offer material and tools to help churches celebrate young people throughout 2009.
Church leaders are asked to pledge their commitment to working towards these objectives and specifically respond to the challenges with a firm undertaking to take appropriate action. Churches are also being prompted to lobby politicians to implement a commitment to long term funding of Christian faith based youth work by writing to MPs and Government ministers.
For further information, or to receive a resource pack for Young People’s Sunday, please email for details.

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  1. FYT are a fantastic organisation and I’m really interested to read this report. How terrible would it be to be part of a generation of older people who are scared of young people because of their demonisation in the media and therefore too afraid to connect with them. The last place this should be happening is in the church! Imagine what could be achieved if 25% of the income and resources and people that would come with that could be thrown into youthwork!

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