Between some stones and a soft place

On Sunday afternoon the rain was taking a brief break (presumably to re-charge ready for it’s next onslaught) and I decided there was chance to launch another skirmish in the battle, Macdonald vs Garden.
My garden pretty much goes uphill from the back door. I had begun digging into the slope to extend the small patio, creating a hole that has filled with muddy water, above which is the remaining slope on up to the sheds at the top. However as everything down at the house end of the slope was waterlogged, I busied myself creating a path up by the sheds. All the preparation went fine and I was soon in the position to be adding a top layer of 20mm* gravel. So I fetched a wheelbarrow load of the stones from in front of the house and returrned to just outside the back door ready for the uphill task (literally) of getting them to the sheds.
Getting the wheelbarrow up the slope is a challenging task which involves accelerating rapidly on the small patio area and using that momentum to swerve around the water filled hole and with a few well delivered steps continue on up to a more level and stable area. (I don’t really need to write the rest do I?
The takeoff went well, myself and the heavily loaded barrow hit the slope at a brisk pace. I was carrying sufficient forward momentum to round the hole and still be upward bound. However with only a few inches to go I discovered that the grass was too sodden to inject the extra boost required to reach safety ….. and thus I stopped. There was no way I could get the barrow moving again and at this point gravity coughed and gently revealed it’s presence by edging myself and the barrow backwards down the slope. Not too much of a problem UNTIL it became obvious that the barrow was going to complete its’ return rather faster than I was. The barrow pitched me over, dumped me into the hole and thankfully fell over, meaning that I didn’t get run over, merely coated with gravel.
So if you wondered how I spent my weekend, I spent some of it in a water filled mud hole covered in gravel and laughing.
The reason I write this is I thought it could be a great metaphor for something! (I just don’t know what)

* I know you didn’t need to know the size of the gravel!

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  1. good story – cheered me up no end having been flooded (again) on fri – we now have 4 dehumidifiers going plus two ‘heater type things. No flooring in 3 rooms and the hallway and plaster going to be knocked off the walls in the next week or so!!!

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