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Rural Youth Network Conference. ‘Young people making a difference – the social inclusion of rural youth’ a Rural Youth Network conference sponsored by the Commission for Rural Communities, is due to take place on the 25th September 2008 at the Novotel Hotel East Midlands. Further details are available on the Rural Youth Network website

The Federation for Detached Youth Work Annual Conference
and AGM 2008. The theme this year is ‘Detached Youth Work in a Multi-Agency integrated setting – a brave new World?’ It will take place at the Britannia Hotel in Standish, Wigan from Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th November. Cost £300 members, £350 non-members. If you are interested in this event please e-mail Acomo at [email protected]

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  1. Hi All,
    Thought i should alert you about a new Christian magazine i recently came across, its totally wow and amazing and it just shows you Christian can be creative and spiritual at the same time.
    Talk about a Christian magazine that has the feel of cosmopolitan magazine but contains the very word of God, i just came across a fantastic magazine at a wesley owen bookshop 2 days ago and i can’t seem to put it down. Its so interesting and the design is so amazine, its not the typical feel or design you expect from a christian magazine, its a design you expect from top magazine like cosmopolitan, i have been talking about it so much. My friends went back today to get copies buts all sold out but we’ve managed to purchase it from their website.
    Its only £3, i’ve read it 4 times already and on a serious note, i feel this relates to what i’m going through right now as a christian, it has help me alot more and open my eyes to some serious things about the promise of what and his standard for me, i guess the name goes with the purpose.
    You must check it out because if you don’t you’re missing out.
    Once you’ve read it, let me know what you think.

  2. Youth Work on the Edge – A training day aimed at Midlands based youth workers…
    A day of workshops, training, networking and discussion.
    £10 including lunch
    For a booking form please contact
    [email protected]
    This is the basic outline of the day – no timings and its provisional !
    • Introduction
    • Icebreaker – Mix & Match – Craig Gilman
    o Discussion
    • Young people & spirituality in a post Christendom era
    Jo & Nigel Pimlott
    o Discussion
    • Models of Ministry – Case Studies
    What are they doing, how they got to the solution, theological thinking behind it, what makes it distinctively Christian.
    o Sozo Fit4Life (Urban) – Brian Law
    o Legacy Youth Congregation (BMX & Skaters) – Anna- Marie Moorehouse
    o Sanctum Youth (Rock) – Rev Mark Broomhead
    probably a few others…
    • Conducting a Mission Audit

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