Musical Mellowness

little dreamer200.jpgHaving heard Beth Rowley at GB and loved her voice/music I have invested in some of her work. You can buy individual tracks over at 7digital and I was delighted to find the on-stage cover she performed of Willie Nelson’s Angel Flying too close to the ground* is available ……. and it is achingly beautiful!
I also took the chance to buy ‘Noah and the Whale’ singing ‘5 years time‘ which is such a quirky, feel-good and fun track, fab!
(*The original is here)

2 Replies to “Musical Mellowness”

  1. Wasn’t she fab?
    I’ve got her album on my list to buy! 5 years time – was singing along to that this morning!
    Do you think we have slightly TOO MANY things in common, chum??!!

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