Mama Mia

Cracking evening out last night! I went to see Mama Mia at the cinema and absolutely loved it. It was a feel good, laugh out loud, sing along masterpiece of stunning cinematography and choreography ……. a kind of High School Musical for Adults (in a good way!)
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A wonderful piece of cheesy life-affirming musical humour, and unusually for me, I want to go and see it again!
Oh yes: I can dance, I can sing. dig, I’m the dancing blogger

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  1. mama mia, having read this posting, that is what I am saying, honestly, blogger, a chick flick, yes I know all the comments, but really, and high school musical for adults, do we need to say any more, your street cred, questionable, lol

  2. While I am not entirely sure the lads in the youth group would engage with it, I’m not ready to see it condemned to the genre of chick flick.
    This guy thought it was great!

  3. Just reading blog while waiting to be a taxis service…loved the film..I am going again with sister.. as an Abba fan the first time round, it was fun to sing along and dance.( OK maybe not dance but you get the picture!)

  4. This is pure, healthy, FABULOUS, escapism. I have seen it THREE times.
    I have NEVER done this with a film before.
    Maybe too old to be called chicks – us ‘wise’ YWs know a good experience when we find one!!!!!!
    Much Love XX

  5. Just seen it for the second time and the song ‘slipping through my fingers’ is so moving, its tear jerking stuff, especially if like me my first born is moving on to University this September.I loved the film more the second time and laughed more!

  6. Pat,
    I’m with you on that one, I already loved “Slipping through my fingers” … and with my daughter away on camp when we were watching the film I was definitely feeling that one too.
    I really liked the fact that ‘Mama Mia’ included some of the more obscure Abba as well as lots of the crowd pleasers.

  7. Yes, I am glad they included some of the obscure songs.Actually, I have purchased the cd ‘Mama Mia’ (though Pierce Brosnan can’t sing, never mind it doesn’t matter).Boy, am I getting some stick for it from the family!

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