Greenbelt cometh and Greenbelt woosheth past

What was that?
That was Greenbelt!
I can’t believe how fast the festival goes BUT then again, time flies when you are having fun.
GB 2008 was fab! As ever a lot of the GB experience was in the being rather than the doing, investing time (and money) in the ‘Tiny Tea Tent’ or ‘The Jesus Arms’ (organic beer tent), chatting, meeting, laughing and telling stories.
There was a massive programme of stuff happening BUT as this years’ GB was a whole family outing it proved harder to get to events I would have been to was I festivaling solo. The stuff that I missed though was MORE than made up for by seeing how much my three gained from the festival and how much fun they generated in the process. Managing where they all were at any one time was hilarious and at one point involved retrieving my eldest (disabled) kid from lost property! (All credit to the stewards who were wonderful with him).
Musical Highlight: Beth Rowley
Performing Highlight: Tajikstan Break Dancers
Food Highlight: Thai chili Chicken Noodles
Venue Highlight: Tiny Tea Tent
On of todays projects is to buy some of the seminars on mp3 and catch up with what I would have been at if I wasn’t so occupied with my tribe!

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  1. So what seminars did you attend ? What talks do you recommend ? As always with GB, there are many talks that look very interesting (the anti-Dawkins seminar, the panels on politics etc.), so any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you !

  2. Hi Ian – I didn’t get to see you!! didn’t get to see much either – was away on the sat at a wedding which was weird to be away from GB for a whole day.

  3. I was about to recommend things… but you’ve already put mine! other friends also went to: Richard A. Burridge Does the Bible exclude people and had wished they’d caught more of it.
    I did catch a bit of Joel Edwards on What are Evangelicals for in 2008? and the bits I caught were certainly worth listening to!

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