Germs and Faith

I was due to be doing the preach at my home church family service this morning and wading into the Red Sea, or at least the text of the parting thereof.
All well and good until the Rector e-mailed to say that he’d been absent and we didn’t have anyone who looked remotely like a worship leader … or in fact any musicians! Given that I have a total dearth of any musical ability, this presented a not insignificant challenge!
I e-mailed the Rector something like, “aarrrrrrrghghgh???” and he agreed that we would have to abandon the idea of a proper 11am service and plump instead for an extended coffee time!
“Phew!” I thought and barely registered the fact that he had said, that I could then do something different if I wanted!
Idly checking the Church web page, I discovered this:
time to party.jpg
No pressure then! (Cue minor panic from me)
Anyway to cut a long story short (very unlike me I know), after coffee there was an open invitation to the upper-hall and we had a kind of all-age informal exploration of ‘FAITH’ based around the reading from Exodus 14. We did some interactive stuff, shared some stories and thankfully everyone was really up for a messy, informal, communal exploration of faith.
At one point everyone made pipe-cleaner models of something that illustrated faith as a conversation and thinky type ice-breaker. I asked various people what they had made and why! I asked one young boy what he had made and he held up a random shape and said it was a germ! I nervously asked, ‘why?’ and he said, ‘germs exist but you can’t see them and you can’t see faith either!’ …… Genius!

Interestingly my youngest lad made a fish as he explained “because they eat fish in heaven!” ….. we have yet to fully explore the theology of this 🙂