Congregational assumptions

I think I have identified two different assumptions that are consciously or subconsciously made by congregations about the work of members of the ministry team.

Assumption 1. The Vicar is very busy and working EXTREMELY hard (even if they aren’t)
Assumption 2. The Youth worker is not busy and not working hard (even if they are)

Interesting how people’s perceptions of a role or person work!
(Please no irate disgruntlement from clergy …. I’d be the first to recognize the HUGE demands and high workload that the ordained role carries with it)

2 Replies to “Congregational assumptions”

  1. I’d actually argue that there are a good deal of people who make assumption 2 about clergy as well.
    I think it’s fair to say that with both clergy and youth workers the average person in the pew isn’t really aware of quite how much goes into the jobs.

  2. very true, interesting also how preparation and prayer are often not regarded as elements, or even essential elements of ministry work, it’s true, someone did tell me that, they didn’t expect the youth leader to be paid for praying about their work, wonder if that is true also for church leaders, hummmumumumumum

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