Camping trip

combitent.jpgGiven that our holiday didn’t happen we were very excited to be heading out on Saturday for an overnight camping trip in the Cotswolds. This was also our first chance to try out an old trailer tent that we’d recently and cheaply acquired for just £50!
What a weekend to be camping though! The rain appeared in every guise in its repertoire and we were completely, utterly and bewilderingly soaked, with the tent awning giving up even aspirations of rain resistance.
A Summer camping trip??
As it happened it was more like (and feel free to groan here):
The winter of our discount-tent!*
(*with apologies to Shakespeare and Steinbeck)

3 Replies to “Camping trip”

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but the play on words really made me laugh. I’ve not dropped by the Youthblog site for a while, and it’s great to see that you haven’t changed one bit…

  2. Jim,
    Aha, great to know my job as a laughter facilitator is still working 🙂 and I guess you’re right, I don’t really change!
    Good to hear from you!

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