We are the new Bohemians

Nigel Pimlott was exploring the role of youth workers in Post Christendom and although there were (as ever) more questions than answers, he drew some interesting parallels with and from the French Bohemian movement. Nigel explored their subversive role on the edge of things and we emerged with some be-attitudes that make a great framework for discussion. This is further developed in the book, but the list as is:
•Be creative
•Propagate new ideas
•Fuse multiple concepts with traditional perspectives
•Express community •Promote subversive approaches
•Connect with contemporary culture
•Experiment with new ideals
•Be anti-establishment
•Abandon ‘sentimental considerations’
•Incorporate a certain positive dysfunctionality
•Be confrontational
•Be impious
•Promote an element of discord with society
•Withdraw from conventionality

I am liking the word and the concept of “Impious” enormously 🙂

5 Replies to “We are the new Bohemians”

  1. Impious – you’d better be clearer – according to my Thesaurus (Word ’97!) – impious = irreverent, ungodly, unhallowed, profane, unholy, sacriligious and blasphemous……
    Seems this might be a bit difficult for Christian Youth Workers???

  2. Alison, you may have a point.
    I was working from this definition:
    1. Lacking reverence; not pious.
    Which I was seeing as, Lacking reverence for established religious tradition and rejecting outward piety
    Help? We may need a better word than impious ….

  3. yes I get what you mean really. ITs the not getting “so bogged down” with the religion that the faith cannot shine thru!

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