That was Yellow Braces

Wow, what a weekend I’ve had! Yellow Braces was great and I consider it a privilige to be away with such an awesome team and diverse bunch of wonderful young people.
To borrow a Pip Wilson phrase, they are all beautiful human persons!
I am just getting back some semblance of coherent thought, because by last night when we’d packed everything away I was a complete space-cadet. I was in a bizarre parallel dimension beyond tiredness and could on occasion only stare blankly when asked a question about where a particular piece of equipment needed to go. (Friday night was quite hard work and one particular dorm proved to be allergic to sleep …….. this left me running on the reserve tank for Saturday and Sunday *laughing*
hill end.jpg
The whole event revolves around living and experiencing Christian community, we talk about Gernillub (phonetic version of bullying backwards) and living the opposite to bullying e.g building people up and including, not excluding. Gernillub we explain is about the Kingdom of God being lived out. All the worship and discussion therefore flows out of that theme and we explore the Kingdom.
We used a “Critical Mass*” that was generously made available to us by Paul Niemiec (DYO for Peterborough) which worked really well with the very able worship band that we had. Sarah Brush spoke and the giant jaffa cake idea was both well used and well eaten!
One of the real encouragments was that we always lay on some late night contemplative worship which is entirely voluntary ….. but 75% of the camp really wanted to go. Fab!
For activities, Adventure Plus headed up Sailing, Kayaking and Archery. As promised also there was a chance to ‘Chill’ in the solar heated pool which was enormous fun and as ever included the international doggy paddle race and the walking through water challenge! On land we had muggle Quidditch which I can’t even begin to explain but was fab and even featured a VERY fast moving snitch, Hilarious and fun (Alison, any chance of you writing this one up?)
dive yb08.jpg

My enormous thanks to ALL the team!

* Critical Mass is an interactive but still liturgical Eucharist with lots of interaction and creativity which as a result is really accessible and deeply moving.

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  1. So totally amazing ! Lovely weekend, wonderful young people , fantastic team, awesome plentiful food. Hill and cow poo not so good but hey it’s all part of the fun!
    Looking forward to the Pics

  2. AMEN! to all that!
    Had forgotten it’s possible to be this tired, but those Yellow Bracers are SO worth it!
    Ever had to turf youngsters up to bed, because they don’t want to stop reflecting and praying?!?!?!?!?!

  3. They were a fabulous crowd! Awesome team as ever, wonderful privilege to enable young people to think about their faith and meet with God.. and eggy bread too just to make it all perfect!

  4. I couldn’t stop smiling all day yesterday even though work had to take priority. What a great weekend and some fab comments and conversations with unchurched YP on the way home. I feel an unscheduled Youth Emmaus group coming on!
    (Where do you want the Muggle Quidditch write up?)

  5. hiya x
    thank you soo much for putting on such a wonderful weekend,2007 and 2008 i have been 2 soo far x
    It was just such a fun-packed and fanatastic week-end x
    Thank you 2 every1
    i hope 2 c u soon x
    Luv Heather xx

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