One to One policies

121.jpgHey blogdom and the wider net, I need a bit of a favour! If you have, own, have seen or blagged a ‘one-to-one’ working policy I would love to see it! (Even a work in progress would be a help if you have it).
I thank you!

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  1. Gosh, I was asked this about 2 hours ago. There is a good grove booklet called “let’s have a chat?” (possibly) which frustratingly is not to hand right now, but that’s good. I’ll e-mail you our few lines of policy which is a very rough and ready and will probably get re-done when I finish re-writing our child protection policy, but it does us for now.

  2. Come on Ian, probably the best book in the world on one to ones is easily available and declares pretty much all I know about working one to one safely – good to see someone else knows it too! If you want a copy I can glady sell you one!!

  3. Jon,
    *laughing* rest assured I re-read the book and it is a great outline of the principles, I still hope to blag a couple of policies from someone though.
    To other readers: The Grove booklet “Can we have a chat!” is extremely useful on this subject!

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