Newbury Youth Worker

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St Nix Newbury are looking to replace the youth worker who replaced me! I’m still in the Church so you would get to star in the blog at least once a month ….. oh and inhabit the office I built with my own fair hands (and a ton of mdf) in the dedicated youth building.
The job doesn’t come with accommodation sadly but do have a look!
You need to at least express an interest by tomorrow! Info and stuff

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  1. Salary “equivalent to the stipend of a curate” (hooray!) but without the compensation of a great big house (boo!).
    This helpful summary brought to you by…

  2. Ray,
    but hanging out with Ian (yay) and an entire youth building (yay).
    Sadly St Nix don’t own a house and I guess they are looking for someone local. Not my ad’ I just attend the church.

  3. I know; and it wasn’t a dig at St Nix. Most church youth work posts have similar criteria – including the one i’m doing.
    And a youth building’s pretty good. I thought I’d gone up in the world when I got an office and a dedicated youth *room* – until I realised that the first was a general storage tip for the whole church and the other was considered off-limits to the church cleaners.

  4. Ray,
    I was amused by the yoof room being off-limit to the cleaners.
    We did have a cleaner for our youth building but he dramatically quit one day. The story is thus:
    We were at Soul Survivor and the event was due to end at midnight. Normally we would have then stayed in the tents that night and packed up in the morning. However the forecast as horrendous so we packed the tents up, partied til midnight and drove back to Newbury and crashed out in the Youth building having put our lovely DRY tents away.
    The next morning one of the young people woke me up saying there was an old guy going ‘mental’ at them! I groggily staggered into the room where the noise was eminating from, to encounter the cleaner who was indeed less than happy.
    The sight of bodies in sleeping bags strewn around, the post Soul survivor detritus and everyone’s bags around the place was all too much and he quit!

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