National Shed week

As it’s national shed week (finally, a week that makes some sort of sense to me) I thought it was time to post a picture of the re-build. I took the shed that was sinking into the swamp and disassembled it, removed the rotten floor and repaired the damaged sides. I then moved it up to the new base and placed it between the workshop and the salvaged shed. It seemed pointless to me though not taking the chance to pimp it a little and I took the opportunity to expand it from a tawdry 5ft to a rather more useful 7 foot 6″!
new shed finished.jpg
I’m still nowhere the league of competitors for shed of the year BUT am happy nevertheless, this years winner has a very specific application for his shed.
In the pic’ you can see the workshop (left), the salvaged shed (obscured behind fence panel, right) and the re-build, middle!
I need to do a bit of skip surfing to glean some more wood for the internals, watch this space!