Knowledge not Experience

In the previous post I was musing about how faith was sometime presented as propositional truth rather than experienced presence, community and grace. It’s not, I’m saying, a conscious choice but rather a imbibed cultural outworking. This poster reminded me of the question I was asking:
find out about.jpg
I’m not knocking the poster, just wondering whether there is a tendency to present Christianity as a propositional truth, something to be known …. a philosophy!

One Reply to “Knowledge not Experience”

  1. am surprised at there being no comments here….maybe everyone agrees but you have raised an important question that should be addressed in our youthwork.
    I have been looking at this type of thing recently and challenged by a Maxine Green comment in a NYA paper on spirituality that says “Techniques to convert can be at odds with the empowerment agenda of youthwork and can also be abusive to young people.” Needs to be read in context but does lead me to review how I present faith in an appropriate way – would also challenge the thinking of many a christian youthwork organisation or church!

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