Happy day, I have discovered there is a name for my driving style! Apparently driving in a way that maximises fuel efficiency is called Hypermiling, and I am therefore, a hypermiler.

“If you love driving, care about the environment and are slightly nuts, then hypermiling is your new hobby”
The Times
When you take into account the environmental impact and the spiraling cost of fuel it’s a no-brainer really that if you have to use a car, squeezing more miles per jar-full is a good idea … and reducing the size of the ‘bang’ in the engines’ suck, push, bang, blow* cycle makes a whole lot of sense.
note.jpgIn my son’s motability car there is an average fuel consumption reading which makes Hypermiling much easier. Officially it’ll deliver 53mpg on a run but I have driven the 85 miles into Wales averaging 61.3mpg (it was on 63mpg before I had to start going up those darn hills). I have to get the calculator out (yes, sad I know) on the LPG mobile but am turning in really good figures.
I remember reading a biography of a wartime pilot whose expertise in eeking the most flying time out of his fuel saved his life as he nursed his plane back across a chunk of the Pacific towards land. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario as serious for me in the Youthblog wagon BUT it might get me home, against the odds, for tea when there are only fumes left in the tank!

* Paraphrase of the four strokes in the engine’s cycle, induction, compression, explosion, exhaust.

2 Replies to “Hypermiling”

  1. Great post. I love the quote. And it’s great to see people succeeding with hypermiling. Which methods do you use? I hope only the safe ones!

  2. Anna,
    Thanks for calling in. re hypermile methods, yep, safe ones! I might even make my list for tomorrow as I had no idea until this morning there were so many other people out there who drive mellow.
    Less fast, less Gas!

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