15 Replies to “Caption Competition”

  1. the last gasp attempt to get godly play into synodical law was greeted with calls of ‘I wonder’and ‘Im your father’

  2. Might be a good idea for a caption competition this weekend at YB? Wet weather option?? Or something from ASBO Jesus?

  3. the empires generals filed into the “praise and worship” meeting, vader, as usual, bringing up the rear.

  4. …Father David, Father Simon, Father Christopher, Father James, Father Michael, Father Vadar…

  5. “No Luke, I am your Father…now. See Bishop Johns has been called to the Vatican, and while he’s away…”

  6. Sigh.. Jeeves can you do confessions today, this guy behing us always takes hours and his breathing gives me the willies.

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