A reflection from the world of selling

Idly musing in PC World t’other day I remembered that I was, at some stage, hoping to get a digital photo frame for my parents. (This is a very good plan as my Dad spends ages watching our ‘my pictures’ screen saver whenever he comes to visit). As befitting my geek-like status I happened to have some media cards in my pocket and proceeded to do a little impromptu test to see which of the displays produces the sharpest images of my photos. At this point there was a horrible noise and various flashing lights as the alarm system went off. Whoops! One of the sales operatives came over and I cheerfully explained that I was just comparing them to see which one was best. However, I was told that this was not possible and I was not allowed to test the screens. Despite my protestations that I needed to be able to see and compare I was told, “No!”
At this point I did ask if they would prefer me to use an online site that included reviews?
Bizarrely, the answer was, “Yes!”
Being a Salesman (by training and temperament) I was muchly bemused by this. If you want to sell something the customer has to touch, see and engage with the product. If you get the product into the customers hand you are a good way to making the sale! Just reading a list and a price does not really cut the mustard!
jcworld.jpgMusing further (in the car park of PC World) I was thinking that this was one of the problems of modernity and Christendom. Christianity was so often (and not consciously) reduced to an intellectual knowing about God, a ‘correct’ understand of doctrine, an ascent to a propositional gospel. Now it’s not a perfect analogy because our job is in no way to sell God (although certain evangelistic practices of the 80’s and 90’s seemed to be doing just that), we are pointers and witnesses to the God who is already at work. Brokers or explainers maybe of an encounter with God in the person of Jesus.
This is why the Contemplative, Social action, Justice and the like are so exciting, Discipleship and encounter that is about experience, not just the telling and explaining.
Er, I think I’ve finished this post now!
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  1. Mmmm….question on A level theology exam – compare and contrast PC world and Christianity (ancient and modern. Cannot see it myself

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