Youthblog and the Butane Machine

The LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) experiment is working well and despite some teasing about my car running on camping gas I’m very pleased with my Butane machine. A number of people have asked about the economy so I’m about to scribble some technical gumpf (If this doesn’t light your fire then you can bail out now).
SNLPG Astra.jpgThe car has a petrol tank and an LPG tank. It will happily run on either but needs petrol to start with, after a few seconds it switches to LPG. (If you run out of LPG it just switches to petrol and flashes a light to let you know you are wasting money).
The LPG is around 15% less efficient than petrol meaning that I do (with careful driving) 31.5 miles per gallon. Last nights fill up with LPG cost 57p per litre (£2.59 per gallon). The price of diesel was 225% more expensive, so price wise my estate car would be the same fuel-costing as a diesel engine which could deliver 70mpg.

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  1. Nope, but how much would I LOVE THAT, a Nox button with ‘danger’ written on.
    I have actually always wanted a car with overhead switches like aeroplane cockpit stuff.

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