Yellow Braces

The Yellow Braces camp is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a great weekend with loads of young people over the weekend of July 4th-6th. It’s coming together and I’m just working with some of the teensy weensy challenges that are emerging *Laughing*
One such grey hair inducing element is despite re-counting the male leaders several times, I am still one short!
YB lie down2.jpg
Is it you? Erm, send an e-mail to [email protected]
Benefits include:
Lots of fun
All the flapjack you can eat
A massive sense of well being
On the job training
Joining one of the fabbest teams this end of the Western spiral

3 Replies to “Yellow Braces”

  1. Might I add that this happens to be extremely GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Flapjack and that this year there is also the addition of something just as yummy to eat!

  2. And of course a chance to take a dip in the solar-heated swimming pool under the competent supervision of the world’s coolest lifeguard…

  3. Hi,
    I attended yellow braces last year and had a great time. My Parents think that they have sent off forms for me to go this year, but they don’t have any record of this or remember which one of them had sent them.
    My Name is Tobias Smith and i am now 16 please could you let me know via e-mail whether you have any details about this or not?
    Thank You

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