Where the range X to Y = X

piggy coin splurge.jpgRecently I’ve observed a couple of churches who have advertised for youth workers have indicated that the salary will be between a minimum, X and a maximum, Y, rather than stating a definite amount.
Sadly there does not seem to have been a great deal of thought as to what the factors are that would indicate where on the scale a worker would find themselves. In both of the cases I have observed the worker has been ‘graded’ at the X end of the scale (and not being offered subsequent incremental increases to an appropriate grade).
One youth work appointment I observed recently appointed on the minimum X end of the scale despite them being JNC qualified and bringing substantial post qualification experience. Which really begs the question, what would you have need to have had to qualify for Y?
A lot of these roles in Churches are only possible because of enormous sacrificial giving by the congregation and I fully recognise that. (and that Youth workers who are fortunate enough to have accomodation thrown in may be earning more than they realise). I do however think that it is a (albeit maybe unintentionally) dishonest strategy that advertises a pay range if the reality is that it is not the intention to pay more than the minimum figure.
Please only advertise what you can afford or are prepared to pay OR
be clear on what would be required to hit different increments on your scale (and make that transparent).

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  1. I agree, if you do have accomodation etc thrown in, but I don’t. In fact in costs me more in childcare than I earn during school holidays, and I still tithe my wages. The only way we can afford for me to be a part-time youth leader is beacause of my husband’s good, secular salary.

  2. Bee, Ray,
    Thanks for your comments and I’m going to ammend the post slightly as you are right, the figures with accom and the figures without are chalk and cheese.
    But whether it is with or without I do want churches to be more transparent about what is (or isn’t) on offer.

  3. Glad to say I was involved in interviewing people for a post at my home church yesterday and they have offered the post at the maximum salary advertised.
    I totally agree with your post!

  4. What is the point of a min and a max salary anyway? Surely if the candidate is good enough for the job, he’s good enough for the pay?

  5. a great post Ian. In my previous post they advertised this way and thankfully gave me the top end. I felt honoured that they did this but think this is the exception. Seems to be a rarity though

  6. I take your point about being good enough for the post – but I also think different levels of experience bring different facets and therefore I think a scale is appropriate.
    I think a scale also shows a flexibility with an ‘ideally we want someone that can do x y z’ and so we will pay at this level but we are willing to workl with someone who can only do ‘x and y’ and happy to put in some training to get to z, which will cost us – so a lower figure on the scale is appropriate.
    BUT …. there must be willingness and ability, as you have already, to be able to pay the top figure.

  7. This one does come up quite often – to me most people seem to make a decision based on age or marital status, which doesn’t necessarily include experience or qualifications. If they’re offering a range then I feel they do need to embrace the idea of annual increments. If they were willing to pay top end then they’re effectively saving themselves that amount and should be able to increase the salary as the years go by.
    It was interesting to see in Youthwork a while ago that the national average is now £19k plus accomm. I’m not sure that matches evidence down here in the south-west in the majority of cases – apart from the big evangelicals. What’s scary is considering the price of property down here (even in recession!) blowing most youth workers out of the water.
    What becomes even scarier is when you realise that they haven’t thought about an operating budget! So YW ends up with no money to do the job with!

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