There’s no time like the pleasant

new shed base small.jpg
I’m on a a TOIL day today (time off in lieu) or as i prefer to think of it, TOIS (Time off in Shed). At the weekend I finished the new base for the sheds, there is NO level bit of ground in my garden so a base to level things up is a necessity. I’ve now put together the rescued shed and replaced the rotten bits of shiplap, yay! So no Youth Ministry blogging today as I’m going to be investing some time in some outdoorsy pottering. The plan is to re-felt the roof, splash some Cresosote Substitute around and generally trick out the new shed. Nice!
Shalom 🙂

Mission accomplished and with the added bonus that with the additional storage space now utilized, the Workshop is once more a haven of mellowness. The workshop is still evolving and I’m pleased to announce it now has an amplifier for the MP3, a built in hoover that I rescued and repaired and a comfy chair. If anyone has read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” you’ll recognise that it has become the ‘cave!’

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