I’m pretty sure that Matrix (the conference) is dead and we’ll not see it’s like again for the forseeable future.
In memorandum: You will be missed. You were a place where laughter and deep theological discussion were ever present, the place where a diverse range of fellow practitioners became friends and a place where I was challenged, stretched and taught.

One Reply to “R.I.P”

  1. Death maybe not just of a confernce, but also of the ability fr growth for some as well. If things ain’t watered, then growth stops. So maybe the death of something brings death to other things as well, my prayer is that this will not be the case. atrix supplied so much that others don’t, and maybe this blog or another community will be that place for open faith/theological discussion for those to grow.
    R.I.P Matrix, missed you will be, but maybe your mmory will live long, and the difference you made will be seen in others in the future.

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