Re:Act 08

advert from Urban Saints, reads:
Most of you will have heard of Hope 08 and will know that as part of it Urban Saints are going to be running a series of Re:Act tours this at the end of July.
Re:Act has been running for years. A team of young people come together for 4 days of training, before going out together with bands, evangelists and a lorry load of equipment to 6 towns in 6 days. Each day in one of the towns the team set up and run a free family fun day with inflatables, a BBQ, face painting, a roadshow and much more.
At the end of the afternoon the activities draw to a close and the team run church outdoors, with worship, dance, testimonies and short gospel message.
Re:Act is a life changing experience for the young people that make up the teams and for many of the local people where the tour visits.
This year we have arranged seven tours, visiting over 40 towns. We have been praying over the last few months for God to help find lorries, for councils to agree to the day being run, for local teams to make all the arrangements. God has answered our prayers in so many surprising ways.
What we need now are young people to make up the teams. We are looking for 150 young people to sign up for Re:Act in the next few weeks.
Who do you know who might be able to be a part of this life changing experience?
Please don’t assume someone else will pass this information on. We need you to tell young people (14+) about Re:Act. Ask them to look at the website, or ring and talk to someone about Re:Act and find out how they can be involved.