Jumping in the house of God?

I’m not sure that Jonny baker will make this a worship trick but I had to flag it up. As with many creative ways of exploring new forms of worship this has been created by fusing together two different elements. What is slightly bizarre here (and you will have to do a double take) is that this is a fusion of Parkour and Organ Music!!!!!!

I hope you didn’t give the customer 86g

On a recent visit to my local Vue cinema, in a fit of decadence, I decided to buy some ice cream. Those who have similarly invested in ice cream at the cinema will probably have noted as I did that it is one of the few commodities that makes petrol look cheap. Two scoops is in the financial league not only of How Much? but high pitched capital letters type ‘HOW MUCH?!’
Now Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream is very good, in fact very very good but I did bristle a little when I spotted this note taped to the desk as an aide-memoir for the ice cream server. The note essentially was a reminder that customers should be getting 85g per scoop! Not only that but that the employees were expected to practice, with scales, to ensure that flagrant additional grams were not being bestowed on the customers.
I politely asked the assistant if he would like to weigh the tub before I started to eat but he (and he was at least embarassed by company policy) declined.
ben n jerry.jpg
If you are preaching this Sunday and you are attempting to cover the subject of ‘grace,’ I would suggest this as an illustrative example of the antithesis.
Rant over 🙂

V Inspired

V.jpgThe V Inspired project is about helping young people aged 16-25 to use their skills and make a difference in their communities. The V (by way of explanation) being the “first letter of volunteering” and becomes a prefix for everything, all V good Stuff and worth checking out. One particularly opportunity that they are promoting at the moment is VCashpoint which allows young people (aged 16-25) to apply for up to £2500 for NEW projects that impact their community:

Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmat

The Blah day at CMS yesterday was a great occasion. Great environment, good food, interesting company and some awesome input from Sylvia Keesmat and Brian Walsh as they re-examined Colossians, both in it’s orginal context to it’s hearers and therefore what contextually it has to say to us!
Amusingly it was a bit of a I spy Bloggers occasion and Matt Rees, Richard Passmore, Mark Berry, Ian Adams and Jonny Baker were among the gathered throng who I recognised.
subvert.jpgI really recommend the book that the day was based on, Colossians re-mixed: Subverting the Empire! Although I described it as a radical commentary, Walsh describes it as an anti commentary.
We spent the day re-visiting the OT narrative and the context of the all pervading Roman Empire, exploring the OT layers (with emphasis on the restoration of all of creation) and understanding Paul’s pointer to sovereignty to a Kingdom (Empire) beyond the one that was seen and experienced Everywhere. Walsh and Keesmat then examined the Empire in which we find ourselves, The Globalised brand-led economic system (and resultant slavery) that is the Empire we find ourselves in ………….. and therefore what is the message of Colossians for us?
It was fun to listen to Pete Ward and Brian discussing orientations in terms of being either missiologically immersed in culture or having a separatist view that saw the reality of an Empire that holds us captive. What emerged from that discussion for me was that we need to be able to think and exist in both of these orientations. To understand the danger of the pervading Empire and be able to be a subversive Christ centered influence but also to be able to live within the culture and have the relationality of the gospel as central to who we are. (This was a really helpful discussion as one of the critiques of Walsh and Keesmat is that it might lead to a kind of seperatism (to be fair though the book is not saying or advocating this in any way).
Great day though, I’m not sure my ramblings will make much sense, so read the book. And for Youth Ministers there is a really useful idea to puruse in the form of Jewish Targums ………….. a translation of scripture into the language and CONTEXT of the hearers.
Other bloggers who have written about the day:
James Henley
My sales skills are slipping though as I pushed the day BIG TIME to all 42 employed youth workers in the Diocese and only 1 was there, All credit to Pat for representing the Network 🙂

Know your limits

I was up in London at Lunchtime today chatting with representatives from the ‘Home Office,’ some fellow bloggers and an advertsing agency! It gets even more bizarre as we were gathered outside a shop front which had been turned into a series of montages with mannequins posing in all manner of post night-out scenarios.
Today was the launch of a £4 million campaign aimed at 18-24 year olds which is trying to challenge attitudes to drinking by juxtaposing what people might end up doing after an alcohol fuelled night out ….. and asking whether they would do these things at the start of their evening?
The “Know your limits” ads will be hitting radio, TV and the internet about now. They were very keen to involve bloggers as a viral ad’ will form part of the campaign. Tim Davies said something nice about me to someone and I was invited.
Sadly the whole thing is much more aimed at 18-24 year olds (I didn’t realise that before going) and there was not as much useful stuff for my arena as I’d hoped. The radio ad’s may be useful discussion starters though and I can send you a copy if you would like.
(on the plus side though I met some great people and also learned that people who work for the home office can look like CIA agents! …… unless they were actually CIA agents?)

Yellow Braces

The Yellow Braces camp is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a great weekend with loads of young people over the weekend of July 4th-6th. It’s coming together and I’m just working with some of the teensy weensy challenges that are emerging *Laughing*
One such grey hair inducing element is despite re-counting the male leaders several times, I am still one short!
YB lie down2.jpg
Is it you? Erm, send an e-mail to [email protected]
Benefits include:
Lots of fun
All the flapjack you can eat
A massive sense of well being
On the job training
Joining one of the fabbest teams this end of the Western spiral