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Have been at Holy Hogwarts for a couple of days on an M.A study retreat, trying to make the move from being an M.A student to being someone who has actually handed in some M level work. My studies exist as a kind of Karmic poetic justice for the hard time I give my CYM students about deadlines!

“I love deadlines! …. I like the wooshing sound they make as they go by
” Douglas Adams
Currently working on a 3000 worder entitled, “What can theological reflection and reflective practice learn from one another?” I’m arguing that they are in many ways synonymous in practice, although theological reflection has a distinct body of experience, tradition and knowledge that it works from. I also see that Theological reflection draws heavily from Relective Practice (anyone studied Theological reflection without Kolb cropping up somewhere?) but I can’t see where Reflective practice draws from theological reflection and would welcome any suggestions if indeed examples exist?
I knew I’d overdone it last night when I started writing things like “Reflective Practice allows learning to evolve out of the primordial marshes of didactic knowledge” *laughing* “prententious? …….. Moi?”

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  1. Oh dear… emergency jaffa cakes called for I think!
    Is it just me or are theological reflection and reflective practice not ACTUALLY entities that can LEARN anything?? I guess people who regularly reflect theologically could learn from those who regularly practice reflectively… but I could just be heading into a maze of mirrors!

  2. Is a tiny part of you tempted to submit an essay which essentially says “Nothing because they’re not human beings” in really big letters…???
    Personally it’s not my preferred essay question format – narrative *bleugh!* – I prefer a discursive one – preferably a cheesy quote followed by that wonderful word DISCUSS :o)

  3. TOTALLY! or
    “Theological reflection and Reflective pratice are caught in an endless cycle of interdependent synthesis.” Discuss.

  4. You’ve now created the problem I always have, I find other people’s essay titles or tasks far more interesting than the one I am supposed to be doing.
    By the way though I’d disagree with the above as I believe TR more of an dependence on RP than vice versa, BUT wish the assertion were true ‘cos then I could use one of my favourite words, ‘symbiosis.’
    I reckon if you get the word ‘symbiosis into an essay it’s automatically above 60%

  5. Have wrtten 2500 words on reflective practice, in which I had to bring in theological reflection as well, also had to write 5000 words on an aspect of my work in regard to reflective practice, passed the module in my masters for this. Happy to send essays if you would like a read.there is also a great book which I used heavily, by o’connell killen, and beer, (you’ll like that name), the title is “The art of theological reflection I believe, I also have that on computer.
    reflection often depends on where you start, to reflect on things, do you start with God and bring situations into them, or do you start with situaitns and bring God in to them. Different people will have different approaches, but happy to assist on htis whereever possible.

  6. Oh yes, forgot to say, 3000 words, how dossy is your masters course, when I had to write 7500 on reflection. second rate course there my friend, what can I say.

  7. Andy,
    GGrrrrrrrrr and humphhhhh
    2 x 3000 words plus evidence plus annotated bibliography per module minimum.
    Don’t want to get competitive about this but I don’t want you thinking I’m breezing through.

  8. oooooooopse, didn’t mean to be competative, just trying to be funny, maybe should give up on htat one. sorry mr. blogger man, sounds like a song from the 90’s by shaba shabva mr. blogger man, I like that.

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