Know your limits

I was up in London at Lunchtime today chatting with representatives from the ‘Home Office,’ some fellow bloggers and an advertsing agency! It gets even more bizarre as we were gathered outside a shop front which had been turned into a series of montages with mannequins posing in all manner of post night-out scenarios.
Today was the launch of a £4 million campaign aimed at 18-24 year olds which is trying to challenge attitudes to drinking by juxtaposing what people might end up doing after an alcohol fuelled night out ….. and asking whether they would do these things at the start of their evening?
The “Know your limits” ads will be hitting radio, TV and the internet about now. They were very keen to involve bloggers as a viral ad’ will form part of the campaign. Tim Davies said something nice about me to someone and I was invited.
Sadly the whole thing is much more aimed at 18-24 year olds (I didn’t realise that before going) and there was not as much useful stuff for my arena as I’d hoped. The radio ad’s may be useful discussion starters though and I can send you a copy if you would like.
(on the plus side though I met some great people and also learned that people who work for the home office can look like CIA agents! …… unless they were actually CIA agents?)

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  1. Hey Ian
    Ah – I didn’t realise it was 18 – 24 yr olds – hope t’was still interesting… I’m rather intrigued by the shop front scenario…
    I just liked the fact that when I was contacted about it – it was described as a ‘Home Office/Binge Drinking Event’ – and I originally didn’t notice the ‘/’…
    BTW – just about to move down Oxford way – so would be great to catch up for a coffee sometime this summer…

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