Jumping in the house of God?

I’m not sure that Jonny baker will make this a worship trick but I had to flag it up. As with many creative ways of exploring new forms of worship this has been created by fusing together two different elements. What is slightly bizarre here (and you will have to do a double take) is that this is a fusion of Parkour and Organ Music!!!!!!

3 Replies to “Jumping in the house of God?”

  1. I am as much a fan of praise and worship as anyone but anything that will potenially distract ANYONE from the service and the messege at hand cannot be good. I know that we are excited and are in the flow of the music or whatever is going on but we as the body of Christ need be mindful of those on the outside that may be visiting and may not understand the joy that you feel. We should exhibit disipline and not let our EMOTIONS get the best of us.

  2. On the other hand, it could be seen as a way of expressing worship through the action – like skate worshippers but without the wheels. I agree that it may be distracting in your average service, but as part of an arts festival I reckon it’s a winner.
    Perhaps it could be combined in Baptist churches with this…

  3. I was just amused by the concept of fusing Parkour and Organ music. I didn’t necessarily have a ‘for’ or ‘against!’ Apologies if I came across as negative.

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