Is it a tent, is it a caravan

Regular reader(s) will know that I flirted briefly with the idea of buying a caravan that was for sale for the princely sum of £75 (including awning). There were a number of issues though, primarily that Melanie thought that taking a £75 caravan on the road was reckless, while G of Quarry Bank despised the whole idea of us owning a “Grockle Box”
Thankfully the whole thing fell through (the deal that is, not the subframe) and Melanie and G are still talking to me.
The principle of holidaying in the increased comfort my 41 year old body now needs though still existed as an aspiration, especially having something more than 4mm of mat between me and the earth.
trailer tent combi.jpg
So *tada* ………. I’ve invested £50 in a trailer tent! It’s fab, a kind of Swiss army mobile marquee. One moment it’s a rather ordinary trailer and the next it’s a Bedouin Palace.
Admitedly for £50 there are one or two minor (ish) repairs I need to make but hey, you’ve got to be impressed, right? (and it isn’t a Caravan!)

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  1. ‘Swiss army mobile marquee’….is it really? Or is it kind of a wierd looking oblong tent (…here is the clever bit..) on top of a trailer? Either way its a step up from… 2 adults,3teenagers,a Labrador, plus family tent and luggage squashed in a skoda,octavia!

  2. Well it sort of looks like a cross breeding experiment between a caravan & a tent…in a good way [ok maybe except the caravan part]. But I think I get the Bedouin Palace idea – must be that red carpet – does it extend out of the door & does it come with a complimentary hareem & slippers?!

  3. Glad it wasn’t just me who thought of the Quidditch world cup. Will try and rustle up a hareem in time for Greenbelt!

  4. I have many fond memories of family holidays in something similar. At least you didn’t buy a grockle box! That would have flung you wholly into middle-age!

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