As part of the seminar for CYM I attempted to visualize some sort of representation of what growth might look like for us as Christian Youth Workers. With blog comment help, this is what it turned out like!
growth powerpoint.jpg
They are of course all interconnected and it has no strategic value, but I wanted something that could help frame, being intentional about Growing. The idea being that if we are moving forward as disciples it’s going to need deepening in faith and spirituality, looking back and reflecting, upward learning in leadership and inward growing in self-awareness.
I guess it comes down to: Knowing more of God, gaining a fuller understanding of yourself and others. Not rocket science in anyway.
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5 Replies to “Growing?”

  1. Wow ! GKC ! Thought you were …well you know…not around anymore. Glad to know you are still relevant.

  2. Watch this space ……. maybe CS Lewis and George Macdonald will pop in today too 🙂
    And I don’t wish to get into an intellectual argument with GKC, but what I was advocating was reflecting on what is past and the learning becoming part of us.

  3. is there really such a thing as ‘christian’ youth work.? We have youth work with all standards and qualifications, we have youth ministry with varying stanards and qualifications. But where and what is christian youth work? DISCUSS

  4. Tim,
    I think you have just lobbed the discursive equivalent of a hand grenade 🙂 A debate which has both deja vu and veja du (the feeling that we are going to be here again).
    So: CYM runs a course to train ‘Christian Youth Workers’ and therefore produces, Christian Youth Workers! QED
    (although I admit it is a teensy weensy bit more complicated)

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