Graduation to first post

I ran a session for year 3 CYM Youth work students today entitled “Advice, challenge and encouragement” looking at things it would be helpful to know/reflect -on when beginning a role as Church Youth worker.
ace yr3.jpg
(Hi if you are logging on from the seminar to get the Powerpoint)
I wrote a scenario which was a snapshot of one year on for the first youth worker at the fictional, “St Egberts and Most Angels!” One year on.doc The Powerpoint of the presentation as a pdf is here: advice to y3 cym ver2.pdf and the tool for evaluating and weighing all the things that are keeping you busy is there: Jigsaw priorities.pdf
Thank to all the Youthblog commenters who helped frame the issues and ideas, much appreciated! (If you have a look at the Power point you’ll see your influence)

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