Grace and good Communication

grad.jpgI’m leading a seminar for a CYM pre-graduation residential on Thursday. The title I have been given is “Advice, Challenge and Encouragement” and is designed to be a practical session on the move from student to employed youth worker (especially in a Church context). I am suffering from having just too many ideas and areas to look at, I need to focus in on the really relevant. I’m drawing on some of the thinking that you shared with me a month or so ago, but any further musings would be useful:
Working framework so far: I’m going to major on two key attributes that Church based youth ministers (imho) need, Grace and Good communication. I’m also going to look at growing as a Youth Minister under the themes of Onward (discipleship) Downward (faith and spiritual rooting) and Upward (leadership).
Would value critique, suggestions and in fact any relevant chunks of your considerable wisdom!

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  1. Looks spot on, Mr Ian. I think the grace thing is key, especially in a lot of cases where the church might be employing for the first time. It’s also about recieving grace, if that makes sense. Remembering how much you are loved and valued by your church – even if they don’t tell you every day! The communication thing has to be top of the list – from all sides.
    Interestingly – Richard Foster uses the ‘inward, outward, upward’ idea throughout several of his books. Mind you, you probably already knew that…sorry!

  2. Martin,
    Appreciate the comment and especially to know about Foster. I thought on one hand it was an original idea but on the other it was too obvious to be original. Hey ho.
    But thank you for re-enforcing the idea of two way grace 🙂

  3. Yes, shouldn’t outward include Mission and Community? Or is that not a relevant inclusion? Just the comment of an “untrained” person……

  4. Alison,
    don’t put yourself down …. I defy anyone to notice that you haven’t got the piece of paper. Your ‘Practice’ is the evidence of your learning and experience!
    Thanks for the reflection as it means I probably need to work harder on what I’m getting at. The Up, down, out was about personal development and not about the function. I may need to watch that I’m not assuming that informal education, mission n’ community, equality and voluntary participation are default positions.

  5. you could also try ‘inward’ – growing in self awareness and all that Myers-Briggsy stuff. IMHO a self-aware youth minister is in a far more secure place when they come up against criticism, opposition or even (worst of all) indifference.
    One further dimension: backwards. This is the reflective practitioner who looks back at what has happened and learns from it.
    All the best matey

  6. Four words for me are reality(real), relationships and relevant and reflection.
    Ensure that reality is part of everything that happens. Dream dreams but if it can’t become reality what is the point. Keeping things real is paramount for ensuring expectations are not impossibly high.
    Relationships – God, family, young people, parents/guardians, PCC/Management group/elders. Keeping good relationships with all the above is vital this can only happen through good communication.
    Relevant -Relevant to young people today, to the context of where they are based, relevant to themselves which only comes through reflection!!
    You need to reflect, critically reflect and theologically reflect!!

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