Creosote Substitute

cres.jpgSomeone asked me last week about wood treatments and specifically Creosote, Yay! This is the first time I have been consulted (without out it being a wind up) on wood treatments.
I now feel I can justify my role as a leader in the emerging shed movement …. and my all important 13th place on Google if you are wanting to know about Creosote Substitute!
(Sadly the Creosote Council ceased to be in 2003 and I shall never be able to join).
I had a fab day off on Saturday and used it to move the only shed that came with the house. It has been rotting at the base as the previous owners built in the Swamp sector of the garden. I had to disassemble it completely to replace the rotten sections and so couldn’t resist building it just a little bit bigger. Goodbye 35 sg ft, hello 49 sq feet.
Creosote time me thinks 🙂
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