As part of the seminar for CYM I attempted to visualize some sort of representation of what growth might look like for us as Christian Youth Workers. With blog comment help, this is what it turned out like!
growth powerpoint.jpg
They are of course all interconnected and it has no strategic value, but I wanted something that could help frame, being intentional about Growing. The idea being that if we are moving forward as disciples it’s going to need deepening in faith and spirituality, looking back and reflecting, upward learning in leadership and inward growing in self-awareness.
I guess it comes down to: Knowing more of God, gaining a fuller understanding of yourself and others. Not rocket science in anyway.
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Creosote Substitute

cres.jpgSomeone asked me last week about wood treatments and specifically Creosote, Yay! This is the first time I have been consulted (without out it being a wind up) on wood treatments.
I now feel I can justify my role as a leader in the emerging shed movement …. and my all important 13th place on Google if you are wanting to know about Creosote Substitute!
(Sadly the Creosote Council ceased to be in 2003 and I shall never be able to join).
I had a fab day off on Saturday and used it to move the only shed that came with the house. It has been rotting at the base as the previous owners built in the Swamp sector of the garden. I had to disassemble it completely to replace the rotten sections and so couldn’t resist building it just a little bit bigger. Goodbye 35 sg ft, hello 49 sq feet.
Creosote time me thinks 🙂
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Is it a tent, is it a caravan

Regular reader(s) will know that I flirted briefly with the idea of buying a caravan that was for sale for the princely sum of £75 (including awning). There were a number of issues though, primarily that Melanie thought that taking a £75 caravan on the road was reckless, while G of Quarry Bank despised the whole idea of us owning a “Grockle Box”
Thankfully the whole thing fell through (the deal that is, not the subframe) and Melanie and G are still talking to me.
The principle of holidaying in the increased comfort my 41 year old body now needs though still existed as an aspiration, especially having something more than 4mm of mat between me and the earth.
trailer tent combi.jpg
So *tada* ………. I’ve invested £50 in a trailer tent! It’s fab, a kind of Swiss army mobile marquee. One moment it’s a rather ordinary trailer and the next it’s a Bedouin Palace.
Admitedly for £50 there are one or two minor (ish) repairs I need to make but hey, you’ve got to be impressed, right? (and it isn’t a Caravan!)


I’m pretty sure that Matrix (the conference) is dead and we’ll not see it’s like again for the forseeable future.
In memorandum: You will be missed. You were a place where laughter and deep theological discussion were ever present, the place where a diverse range of fellow practitioners became friends and a place where I was challenged, stretched and taught.

Graduation to first post

I ran a session for year 3 CYM Youth work students today entitled “Advice, challenge and encouragement” looking at things it would be helpful to know/reflect -on when beginning a role as Church Youth worker.
ace yr3.jpg
(Hi if you are logging on from the seminar to get the Powerpoint)
I wrote a scenario which was a snapshot of one year on for the first youth worker at the fictional, “St Egberts and Most Angels!” One year on.doc The Powerpoint of the presentation as a pdf is here: advice to y3 cym ver2.pdf and the tool for evaluating and weighing all the things that are keeping you busy is there: Jigsaw priorities.pdf
Thank to all the Youthblog commenters who helped frame the issues and ideas, much appreciated! (If you have a look at the Power point you’ll see your influence)

The Outdoor type

lemonhead.jpgKeeping me toe-tappingly amused and sing-along-ily happy on the way to work this morning were the Lemonheads singing, The Outdoor Type! It’s genius, the tune and lyrics are so elegantly simple but have a wonderful pathos and humour, genius! Definitely, track of the day!

“Too scared to let you know you knew what you were looking for
I lied until I fit the bill god bless the great indoors
I lied about being the outdoor type
I’ve never owned a sleeping bag let alone a mountain bike
i can’t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
what if somethings on tv and its never shown again”

Oxford Area

CMS (Oxford) have a christian group of breakdancers over from Tajikstan in the summer (they were at Greenbelt last year AND were awesome). They are available on the weekend of 16/17th Aug and evenings of 18th/19th if your church/youth group would be interested in having them over as part of an outreach opportunity.

Grace and good Communication

grad.jpgI’m leading a seminar for a CYM pre-graduation residential on Thursday. The title I have been given is “Advice, Challenge and Encouragement” and is designed to be a practical session on the move from student to employed youth worker (especially in a Church context). I am suffering from having just too many ideas and areas to look at, I need to focus in on the really relevant. I’m drawing on some of the thinking that you shared with me a month or so ago, but any further musings would be useful:
Working framework so far: I’m going to major on two key attributes that Church based youth ministers (imho) need, Grace and Good communication. I’m also going to look at growing as a Youth Minister under the themes of Onward (discipleship) Downward (faith and spiritual rooting) and Upward (leadership).
Would value critique, suggestions and in fact any relevant chunks of your considerable wisdom!

Mixed metaphor of the day

Great meeting yesterday and I rather enjoyed my colleague David, “Surfing the roller coaster of change!”
My favourite still remains from a meeting back in the day (When Crusaders were still Crusaders) and the admonishment, “the trouble with sticking your neck out is that you get your fingers burnt!”