Transformation on the journey of faith

chrysalis book.jpgJonny Baker has posted a review of Chrysalis by Alan Jamieson. I was really struck by this reflective list on aspects of a journey to a deeper faith, it’s a list which really resonates with my (ongoing and developing) experience:
from black and white to an embrace of black and white and greys
from dependence to interdependence
from answers to mystery and childlike wonder
from doing to being (a deep sense of being accepted by god)
from playing a role to a new giving of self for others
from trust in external authorities to an integration of internal and external voices
from effortful faith to resting faith
from martha’s faith to faith that expresses mary’s heart and martha’s hands
from needing leaders to co-discerning with others
from external truth to communal and paradoxical truth

I think this would be an interesting list to hold alongside our youth ministry programmes for reflection.

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  1. I like the mary’s heart/martha’s hands thing. There’s a prayer the kitchen wall at camp and one of the lines is “And though I must have Martha’s hands please give me Mary’s heart”. It’s something we’re struggling with in our youth group; we just have young people with Mary’s heart and some with Martha’s hands, and not alot of cross-over which inevitably causes divisions in the group. It’s also something I’ve become very aware of in myself. Glad it’s been mentioned.

  2. we have been saying interdependence since 2003? well some of us have since I came to the DYO conference in st annes and said that as Christians – human beings we are interdependent on each other. It is being community, it is about loving each other caring for each other, praying for each other even when we don’t want to. No-one can do everything on their own

  3. Wow – literally in the past 48 hours I’ve been thinking about how much my church has changed my view of faith as a journey over the past year, and this has articulated some of those new thoughts so well! Yet more exciting things to ponder upon. Thanks 🙂

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