The work of the National Shed Sanctuary

Long term reader(s) of this blog will know that blogging is not the only interest in my life, I also have a healthy (or unhealthy according to JT) interest in sheds, or at least an appreciation of their usefulness.
Anwyway the collection has now grown! I heard rumours of a perfectly good 6×4 that was going to be burned as it was surplus to requirements. Taking inspiration from Donkey sanctuarys who take in unwanted donkey’s to live out their twilight years in a happy & mellow Equus nirvana, I thought why not a shed sanctuary? Why not! So off I went on a rescue mission ……….
The shed was in a neglected and undernourished state when I rescued it but after a generous feeding of Creosote (substitute) and some minor shiplap replacement surgery it is again delighting in its rejuvenated shediness. I am putting it in the top area of the sanctuary alongside a budget 5×7 which is undergoing some renovation to it’s inadequate mdf flooring.
For further information about the National Shed Rescue Sanctuary or indeed to visit the Museum of Garden Outbuildings, send an e-mail
I was looking through t’internet for a picture to illustrate this piece and I found myself chuckling as shed manufacturers seem to have this obsession with artfully placing a few items outside of the shed to illustrate some of it’s uses. (I find this as bizzare as serving suggestion photos on cornflake packets). This one was particularly chortle-worthy as I think it suggests that the owner has taken their wellies off before entry to the sheddy of sheddies!
wellie discard.jpg
(oh and many thanks to Wilson the feminist theologian for the generous gift of roof felt towards this 4×6 rescue project)

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  1. Now I’m worried, I saw this picture and let out a long sigh, prompting my colleague to ask if I was ok. How embarrassing I had to admit I was jealous, I want a pristine shed like this! Looks like you’re not the only one with issues!

  2. My Dad had 3 sheds and a green house. You’re still on catch up, mate. That said, mum is now clearing them out, so you never know, they might be looking for a good home!

  3. *maniacal laughing*
    You underestimate me Mr Bond
    4 sheds
    1 childrens den
    A ready collection of windows and a front door for the building of the proposed Uber shed
    Today the garden, tomorrow the whole of sheddom

  4. Ian, I think you need to ask yourself… do your Sheds have a function beside simply being Sheds? If not then you may have a problem? Do you visit your Sheds with no clear tool retrieval or garden orientated purpose? Have you begun to wonder if carpeting your sheds may be the next step to take? Have you laid, or are thinking of laying a gently curved line of disconnected paving slabs across the lawn, twixt house and shed? Are you beginning to develop “Summer House” envy? I think you may be on the slippery slope my friend to a serious case of Out-building-addiction! I do hear that Creosote fumes can do that to the most sensible and restrained shed user. The only answer, albeit a brutal one, is the dreaded Bonfire!

  5. Mark,
    Thank you for your wise counsel. I fear you are right. From being a pioneer in the emerging shed movement I have slipped into being trapped in the numbers game.
    and Hey, aren’t those creosote fumes something eh?

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