Sidgwicks Hedonistic Paradox

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I was having a great chat with a teenager youth work volunteer last night. In a conversation that ranged through philosophy, ethics and psychology (he was a very switched on A-level student) we got to talking about how rewarding volunteering is …. and musing that some people just didn’t see that. We talked about how much we gain from helping others as opposed to only pursuing things that were of maximum and immediate benefit to ourselves.
Although there are some great Jesus principles in the above muse, what leapt to mind was Sidgwicks hedonistic paradox:
“The least effective way to achieve pleasure is to deliberately seek it out”
I’m not sure I can build this into a recruiting leaflet but I like it as a proposition. When we are training young leaders for camps and the like I talk about volunteering being twice the fun IF YOU can make the transition from receiving to serving. You have fun because it is fun, but you have even more fun because you see the fun others are gaining from what you are doing.