Sex and Confirmation

The training day for clergy on ‘confirmation preparation for young people’ seems to go OK despite my pre-occurring nightmare (although I am not going to read the evaluation sheets until tomorrow).
The idea that produced the most reaction today was when I was exploring that many young people felt that their confirmation happened when they were too young and hence before they were really ready. By way of illustration I reflected that some conversations with young people around sex were not dissimilar to conversations about their confirmation, comments about either could be juxtaposed:

“I was too young really”
“I wish I’d waited until I was older”
“I felt pressured into it”
“It wasn’t as meaningful as I’d hoped”

3 Replies to “Sex and Confirmation”

  1. An interesting view – I was two years over due on my clock when I eventually was put forward for confirmation and it made me have a good long look at what was going on and the church’s way of dealing with it…
    It led me to have a critical squint at the whole thing – and I haven’t looked back.

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