Schools work day conference

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If you are in transportable distance of Staines then you should have a look at this one day schools work conference (for those involved in secondary schools).
On the subject, the schoolswork web site is fantastic and has a really good training page which has the details of the Staines day and a whole bunch more.

Sex and Confirmation

The training day for clergy on ‘confirmation preparation for young people’ seems to go OK despite my pre-occurring nightmare (although I am not going to read the evaluation sheets until tomorrow).
The idea that produced the most reaction today was when I was exploring that many young people felt that their confirmation happened when they were too young and hence before they were really ready. By way of illustration I reflected that some conversations with young people around sex were not dissimilar to conversations about their confirmation, comments about either could be juxtaposed:

“I was too young really”
“I wish I’d waited until I was older”
“I felt pressured into it”
“It wasn’t as meaningful as I’d hoped”

Iron Man

Went to see Iron Man last night and loved it. Super Hero films, in my opinion, fall into one of two categories, either great or BAD. The bad ones just don’t quite cohere, take themselves too seriously, too flippantly or just fail to work. Iron Man is definitely in the ‘great’ category though, great film and great fun.
rdj ron man.jpg
Robert Downey Junior plays the role of ‘Stark’ brilliantly. The characters’ journey from the playboy genius CEO of a weapons company to his role as Iron man is handled well and within the slightly different realms of Superhero films, credibly. The film delivers all the required narrative and background creatively without long unnecessary dialogue or contrived explanations. The effects are fantastic, particularly Stark interacting with the 3D CadCam design …. and the flight sequences. Can’t say too much more without spoiling the film for you WHEN you go and see it!
IMHO, It’s a huge, fun and cool film. Right up there with Batman Begins and Spiderman 2.

Blathering on about transport

I’m not sure its healthy anthropomorphizing ones transport but I was nevertheless sad to see my old car drive off with a new owner. Even weirder though was the fact that I comforted myself with the fact that I was, for once, not abandoning a faithful chariot at the scrap-yard (where all but one of my previous rides have made a final journey to).
206stove.jpgOn Thursday I shall be the proud owner of another Astra Estate, the same in virtually every respect except that it runs on LPG. Yep, Youthblog will now be cruising the highways and byways of the Diocese powered by, what is in essence, Camping Gas! Weird huh? Sadly, despite the presence of 50 litres of Gas* it still can’t be relied on to boil up a cup of tea however it’s a less polluting emission …. and filling up for £0.52 a litre is going to feel pretty sweet compared to Petrol at £1.11 a litre.

* (I’m not sure how to translate this post into American. My car doesn’t run on Gas (i.e Petrol), it runs on Gas (i.e Gas).

A friend has lent me a little Mazda to get about until the Astra arrives, and despite the fact that it’s only as high as other cars door handles and it doesn’t even have a proper roof, it is ridiculously good fun. Thanks JT

Captain’s Log Supplemental:
Tuesday. The MX5 is officially the most fun car on the planet! I drove to work at 07:00 this morning with the MP3 player on and the roof down. Arrived at work with a huge Grin on my face. (When I borrowed the car I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the roof down, I now can’t think of an occassion when I’d have the roof up, LOL)

a Touch of Digital Peril

In turn out that Blogging is potentially dangerous and our daily posts involve us exposing our self to contamination and illness! Our digital musings involve contamination via our own digits. It’s true according to the BBC! So sHOULds I starTTTT TypiNG wearINGG Glovs?
ht to Ruth for this one.

Clothes pegs

One of the youth workers I was chatting to yesterday had attempted to see how near the world record he could get for the number of clothes pegs on a face. He had managed 75.
If your’re bored today ….. there’s a challenge! Oh and Richard if you read this …. send the photo as it’s perfectly pitched for the editorial level of this blog!
Huzzah, Richard has sent me the photo and although he only!!!!! managed 75, I think bonus points are in order for the old Testament prophet look he achieves! Fab.

Next Wednesday

I had a disconcerting dream last night. In my mind it was already next Wednesday and I found myself delivering the CME (continuing ministerial education) day on “Preparing young people for Confirmation!” It was all quite convincing and the room looked exactly as it will when I actually deliver this next week APART from a huge white board that encouraged evaluation and feedback. Some of the sections had already been filled in and I was clear that the clergy had been furtively sneaking up to the board and scribbling. The comments were less than complimentary about how useful the day was proving. In the unfolding and very real drean I was trying to carry on and critically re-evaluate the content and process at the same time ….. and the anxiety was palpable. At this point I woke up!
sleep dali.jpg
I am clearly stressed about delivering this particular day and I don’t know why? I just hope this dream is a sign of that and not some prophetic foreknowledge 🙂