Next Wednesday

I had a disconcerting dream last night. In my mind it was already next Wednesday and I found myself delivering the CME (continuing ministerial education) day on “Preparing young people for Confirmation!” It was all quite convincing and the room looked exactly as it will when I actually deliver this next week APART from a huge white board that encouraged evaluation and feedback. Some of the sections had already been filled in and I was clear that the clergy had been furtively sneaking up to the board and scribbling. The comments were less than complimentary about how useful the day was proving. In the unfolding and very real drean I was trying to carry on and critically re-evaluate the content and process at the same time ….. and the anxiety was palpable. At this point I woke up!
sleep dali.jpg
I am clearly stressed about delivering this particular day and I don’t know why? I just hope this dream is a sign of that and not some prophetic foreknowledge 🙂

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  1. hmmmm pondering this one. My general assessment is that it’s a stressy dream. replace presentation with exams and you have a significant part of my (and probably a lot of people’s) adolescence!
    Fret not. You will be ace.

  2. Maybe they were questioning the usefulness of confirmation and not just you? I confess that we do not ‘do’ confirmation at our ‘not very Anglican’ anglican church. I just cannot see why the Bishop – who after all does not even know the people concerned – has the right to pronounce – “well done you are now an official Christian”… it somehow seems a little odd to me – However I suspect that even thinking that is not very Anglican as well. Aaarggh now I’m going to dream about it!

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