Iron Man

Went to see Iron Man last night and loved it. Super Hero films, in my opinion, fall into one of two categories, either great or BAD. The bad ones just don’t quite cohere, take themselves too seriously, too flippantly or just fail to work. Iron Man is definitely in the ‘great’ category though, great film and great fun.
rdj ron man.jpg
Robert Downey Junior plays the role of ‘Stark’ brilliantly. The characters’ journey from the playboy genius CEO of a weapons company to his role as Iron man is handled well and within the slightly different realms of Superhero films, credibly. The film delivers all the required narrative and background creatively without long unnecessary dialogue or contrived explanations. The effects are fantastic, particularly Stark interacting with the 3D CadCam design …. and the flight sequences. Can’t say too much more without spoiling the film for you WHEN you go and see it!
IMHO, It’s a huge, fun and cool film. Right up there with Batman Begins and Spiderman 2.

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  1. Ummm, as I make the next comment, please bear in mind that I’ve only met you once or twice and I took a quick look at the photo…. but I still feel that I have to ask – are YOU iron Man? There’s an uncanny resemblance.

  2. Amanda,
    You made me laugh and I am now going out to get one of those stick on LED round lights for my chest!
    after the final line of the film,
    me: *laughing* “no, I am the Iron Man!”

  3. So is that why you like it so much Mr Youthblog – you ARE Irony Man?? Check out the About page & look at the traditional Iron Man pose I roflcoptered
    I could only find one really good T-Shirt – here: or a full Irony Man outfit – here I think I know which you should go for – fantastic for Professional Development Group & amusing the office methinks ;o)

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