Greener, cleaner and meaner

SNLPG Astra.jpgI have now taken possession of the new Youthblog mobile office, family taxi and Kayak Carrier. It’s a shiny 2004 Astra estate that is quite happy to have it’s pistons fueled by petrol or LPG Gas. The LPG gas burns cleaner and with less bad-for-the-environment junk ejected from the exhaust pipe (did I ever tell you that German for Exhaust gases is auspuf ).
Not only does it churn out less muck, it uses fewer pounds too in the filling up process.
My first 200 miles required 28 litres of gas and although this is a greater amount than it would have needed in petrol, LPG is only 57p a litre and so 200 miles for £16! If you were to work out the comparative mpg on a cost basis, this is equivalent to a virtual 60mpg.
This is very good news indeed and means that I have switched to a car that is four years newer at no net cost (the repayments each month are less than my fuel savings!)
LPG, you should try it, it’s a gas!