Blathering on about transport

I’m not sure its healthy anthropomorphizing ones transport but I was nevertheless sad to see my old car drive off with a new owner. Even weirder though was the fact that I comforted myself with the fact that I was, for once, not abandoning a faithful chariot at the scrap-yard (where all but one of my previous rides have made a final journey to).
206stove.jpgOn Thursday I shall be the proud owner of another Astra Estate, the same in virtually every respect except that it runs on LPG. Yep, Youthblog will now be cruising the highways and byways of the Diocese powered by, what is in essence, Camping Gas! Weird huh? Sadly, despite the presence of 50 litres of Gas* it still can’t be relied on to boil up a cup of tea however it’s a less polluting emission …. and filling up for £0.52 a litre is going to feel pretty sweet compared to Petrol at £1.11 a litre.

* (I’m not sure how to translate this post into American. My car doesn’t run on Gas (i.e Petrol), it runs on Gas (i.e Gas).

A friend has lent me a little Mazda to get about until the Astra arrives, and despite the fact that it’s only as high as other cars door handles and it doesn’t even have a proper roof, it is ridiculously good fun. Thanks JT

Captain’s Log Supplemental:
Tuesday. The MX5 is officially the most fun car on the planet! I drove to work at 07:00 this morning with the MP3 player on and the roof down. Arrived at work with a huge Grin on my face. (When I borrowed the car I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the roof down, I now can’t think of an occassion when I’d have the roof up, LOL)

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  1. Actually, I think you’ll probably find that confusingly Americans may refer to it as gas as well… Reminds me of a slightly confusing discussion with Beth’s Dad over what he uses to power the irrigation pumps – to which he said gas – which I took to be petrol, but is in fact gas as we would know it.
    As an aside, if you find the North American way of referring to petrol as gas confusing, you should try certain parts of Canada where the electricity supply is referred to as “Hydro”.

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