Youthblog asks …….

I’ve got a number of projects at the moment that I (or someone else) needs some help with/people for. Please have a read and see if there’s anyone comes to mind, thanks
On Monday July 14th there will be a gathering of Bishops and young people from across the world (oh and me, neither young or episcopal). I’m looking for some 17,18,19 year olds from the Diocese who’d like to be part of a trip from the Diocese to meet up with their peers from around the globe. It’s looking like an ab-fab event!
The URC all age holiday at Swanwick from Aug 16-22nd have asked me to put a shout out for someone/couple to run the 14-18 year old programme each morning. Looks like it could be fun, no pay sadly but could be a bit of a holiday as the demands aren’t great and your place is free.
Yellow Braces the legendary Diocesan Camp running over the weekend 4th-6th July 2008 is a BIT short of male leaders. Give me a shout if you can come and join us for some faith and community fun and the like.