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Stuff from 24-7 about stuff they are putting on including some web based learning.

I wanted to let you know about 4 new training opportunities which we’ll be running over the course of this year and are open to all of you. These form part of our current Training Review, which you’ll hear more about at our Feast in Southampton in September. But these three I particularly wanted you to know about. Do please FORWARD these on to anyone you feel they may be appropriate for. If you are in a team or community, you may want to consider sending a representative from amongst you.
Read on and do come back to me if you interested.
NEW FOR 2008:
In June (1st -27th) we’ll be holding a focused leaders retreat in Bristol, UK – using an Elizabethan Manor House for some of our time together. A full brochure is attached and we have 20 places available. Have a read of the attached and do book in if you’re interested. The places are limited and we’ll book people on a first come first served basis, so if you can reply quickly I’d suggest you do
We can offer a discount on the price in two ways:
1. If you are able to book in and pay in full by 30 April, the cost would reduce to £650.
2. If you are coming as a married couple we could offer a discounted price of £675 each, £625 if you were able to pay by 30 April in full.
We are also aware that some of you may need some help with the cost, especially if you have a long way to fly. So do get in touch, as we have some bursary available. If you are thinking of coming from the States, the Transit Fuel/Intensives (see later) may be a better option for you.
I’m really excited about the potential of this course, of getting leaders together, providing space to pray and the wonderful location we have. I’d love to see you come along if you can.
Booking email – [email protected]
We are currently half way through our first web-based training course on Prayer – which is going really well. We are planing a second 8 week course based on community, beginning Sunday 11th May and have attached details. If you’d like to take part you need to find a group to do it with (4 or 5) and book in. Full details are attached.
Booking email – [email protected]
I’ve just heard about an exciting course which is being run by the Source Community in Minnieapolis. Transit Fuel USA is a 10 week internship in Minneapolis from 21 May to 28 July. It includes 3 intensives (24/7 National Gathering, UMT, Drum&Easel Art Intensive) and 2 tracks: 1) Urban Outreach / Prayer – 2) the Arts. If you’d like to find out more check out or email [email protected]
Full details here
We are planning a new Transit UK course from September 08, new details can be found on the 24-7 Prayer website at One major change to the UK course coming up is that you will be able to take both a full-time and part time (where you also take a part-time job) option. Check out the link for more details. Places are already going fast, so do get in touch. Again, there is an early payment discount available and potential bursaries if the fees are a problem.
Booking email – [email protected]