Independent Safeguarding Authority UPDATE

More details of ISA registration are now available. The scheme launch is being delayed by one year to make sure they get things right (I guess someone’s learnt some stuff from the Heathrow debarkle and they don’t want to have to send 19,000 youth workers to Milan for re-checking). The go-live date is now October 12th 2009* with the one off cost of registration revealed as £64 (for employed workers, volunteers are free), it will take 5 years to work through everyone that needs registration.
There’s a helpful FAQ page here as a Word download: Your Questions Answered – ISA – 2 April 2008.doc. Or as a HTML page that Mark has usefully put it as on his site.
go live.jpg
*On the left hand side of the web page is has the start date as Jan 1st 1900 but I always consider launching things before they’ve even been invented as tricky!

Apropos of something

Greetings friends. Welcome to the site that puts the ‘you’ back into youth ministry the ‘fun’ back into dysfunctional. Hope yesterdays’ April fools jape created at least a modicum of amusement when you logged in at your desk, coffee shop or college lecture!
Three things to report from the world of Youthblog. Firstly to say that I was hugely encouraged and affirmed by the digital scales in the bathroom yesterday when the reading said “Low” ….. sadly they were referring to the battery it seems and not to me.
Secondly a confession. I am going to look at a caravan tonight with a view to investing in this mobile traffic jam technology. The caravan in question is £75 (including the awning) so I’m guessing that it may need ‘a bit’ of work? I guess this is the dawn of middle-age Greenbelting.
Thirdly, the wibmeister has posted his rules/protocol for commenting to his site. Dave will not allow comments that:

1. Attack another individual
2. Are posted with the main aim of advertising the poster’s website
3. Contain allegations that can’t be backed up
4. Contain language I’d prefer not to see on my site
5. Are comments which the poster wouldn’t make to someone else’s face
6. Are a load of nonsense

I’m adopting these too (although I know that someone will point out the I may regularly break rule number 6. in the stuff I post)

and finally, making me laugh:

A case of ‘over use of chart’ to explain a point:

The Caravan guy hasn’t had time to collect the caravan from storage so we are now seeing it at the weekend. ALSO to those who are giving me grief about this remember I don’t see it so much as a caravan, more of a shed on wheels!

Youth workers to receive training from the army

In an announcement expected to be made before midday today, the Government is due to reveal targetted work force development for the youth work sector. While this is not a surprise, the nature of the training very much is.
The government has been focusing on ‘positive activities‘ for young people and has been keen to see the outdoors used more in youthwork provision. This has led to a training relationship with the army whereby any employed youthworker (statutory or voluntary/faith sector) who works over 21.75 hours per week will be expected to do an 8 week mandatory course in fitness, fieldcraft and expedition leadership, then two weeks refresher every two years. While this programme will be residentially based at a military base the government were keen to stress it’s not ‘boot’ camp (maybe a ‘trainers’ camp?) Part of the programme will be unique to youthworkers and part will make use of existing army initial training programme.
This initiative apparently is linked to the stepping up of the JNC as a degree qualification and a concern that it is becoming too cerebral a discipline. The briefing also noted that a number of youth workers were less than fit, but majored chiefly on the fact that the outdoor environment was being under-used in work with young people. The training will be a condition of the ISA registration for employed youthworkers.

"We hope to see a workforce of fitter, healthier youth workers who are as comfortable in the middle of Dartmoor as they are on the edge of a Pool table. A skilled body of workers who can lead and deliver
‘positive activities’ with young people in an outdoor environment"
Briefing doc p2
The government and Army training co-ordinator Major Charlie will be announcing the full details this morning. The training won’t start until 2009 (The first trainees reporting for training on April 1st) and is expected to use the residential barracks and training centre at RAF Gagfield.