Only interesting if you live in Oxfordshire

A couple of important things if you live in Oxfordshire:
July 12th is the VERTIGO social action day. It’ll be running from the centre of Oxford along the same lines as last year i.e Meet up, intro to the day and Worship. Bus off to your projects and return at 4 for food, de-brief and celebration. (We are also likely to have a plethora* of Bishops from around the globe with us). You’ll be able to sign up via the website soon BUT you can start gathering together teams of 5 and a leader NOW!
Secondly: Funding for training: If there is some training or learning you want to do then OCVYS have a pile of grants to give out BUT you need to act soon. Don’t be put off by the wording, “Children’s workforce” …. that is you EVEN if you are a volunteer. Details: Bursary Form.pdf and Bursary Flyer.pdf
*Is there a collective noun for Bishops?

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  1. There is! There is! It’s a ‘bench’ of bishops 🙂 I know because I have a cool greetings card listing loads of different collective nouns right next to my computer! Other favourites include a ‘converting’ of preachers, a ‘worship’ of writers, and a ‘nonpatience’ of wives. Brilliant.

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